3 Ways Any Entrepreneur Can Sell A New Idea To Their Audience

Helping people think outside of the societal box is one of the greatest advantages of entrepreneurs. But selling new ideas, beliefs, and stories that go against our social programming can be challenging. 

In this month’s issue of EmpiHER®, The International Society of Impression Managers (http://internationalsocietyofimpressiomanagers.com) shares 3 hot tips to get anyone on board to your new idea, offer, or outlook. 

  1. Find the social story at play. Our audiences and industries all have social stories that influence us for good and sometimes for not so good. When we understand what the story says, we can then speak to or against the social programming.

  2. Connect with the subconscious triggers. As human beings, we live our lives over 90% of the time with our subconscious mind driving us. This means our fears, anxieties, doubts, and hesitations are what is running your audience. Speak to these unspoken and show them how your new idea speaks to their unspoken.

  3. Talk to the heart and not the head. No one moves from the logical side of life. We are heart driven first. Show your audience how your idea fulfills the desires of their hearts and dreams. Aka don’t sell the logic. Sell the heart.

Founder of The International Society of Impression Managers, Ali Craig says, “Selling a new idea to your audience isn’t an impossibility. It is simply about understanding what truly motivates and in turn moves your audience.”

Catch the complete article in this month’s issue of EmpiHER®, hits the digital and real-world newsstands on Friday, November 9th at 10 am est. (https://www.empiher.media/ )

Why Cultural Shifts Impact Your Bottom Line More Than Ever Before

How we brand and market our businesses has always been an evolutionary process. But what was once every 6-8 years is now every 4-6 MONTHS! Blame it on social media and our global connection, brands must take notice of the societal shifts that are occurring if they want to stay relevant and influential within their industries and marketplaces. 

On Nov 6th at 3pm est, The International Society of Impression Managers (http://internationalsocietyofimpressionmanagers.com)  along with Social Proof Magazine (http://socialproof.nyc ) presents Societal Shifts an LIVE digital event teaching you the top 5 societal shifts that are arising in 2018 Quarter 4 and what that means for business, brands, and bottom lines in 2019 Quarter 1. 

Host Ali Craig says, " Gone are the days of "Mad Men" era marketing. Brands need tp stop and realize that our markets are moved by the emotions of our audiences more than anything else. And it is only then that effective marketing and brand loyalty can occur." 

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